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Single Organizing Idea Ltd has exclusive permission to set the rules around the use of the SOI® registered trade mark and the Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) methodology in general. SOI® is a registered trademark owned by Neil Gaught.

Purpose washing is an issue SOI® Ltd is determined not to contribute to

While the aim of Single Organizing Idea Ltd is to accelerate progress by scaling the awareness and understanding of SOI® it also has a duty to maintain the integrity of SOI® and the quality that it represents. To protect and ensure the requisite standards are maintained, people who market or sell services and trainings using the SOI® trademark must be certified by Single Organizing Idea Ltd to do so.

What everyone can do to accelerate progress using SOI®

  • Use SOI® tools and methods in your organization
  • Help your organization understand SOI® and its potential benefits
  • Talk about and deliver presentations about SOI® (please reference Single Organizing Idea Ltd)
  • Share your thoughts about SOI® through blogs, written pieces, podcasts and videos
  • Deliver talks or presentations about your experiences and knowledge of SOI®, as long as you don’t charge a fee for doing so
  • Help an organization through the SOI® process as long as you do so on a voluntary basis, unpaid basis and don’t position yourself as certified provider of SOI® services
  • Share and distribute materials that Single Organizing Idea Ltd or Neil Gaught have released under the Creative Commons license.

What you can’t do - without permission

  • Use the SOI® registered mark or any aspect of the Single Organizing Idea brand to market or sell your own products, services, or trainings
  • Market yourself as a provider of SOI® implementation, training, or support services
  • Market and sell registrations for your own SOI® trainings or workshops
  • Offer, sell, or provide SOI® services to your clients
  • Distribute any of our copyrighted documents or materials that are not released under a Creative Commons license, or beyond the terms of that license
  • Present yourself or your services as an official representation of SOI® or Single Organizing Idea Ltd.
  • Create or publish works that would in anyway cause confusion between your offer and SOI®. Please do not create derivatives of the Single Organizing Idea name, brand identity or materials.

Want to get permission?

We offer a training and certification program for professional individuals and firms who wish to help us accelerate progress by selling SOI® products, services and trainings - contact us for details.

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