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SOI® SparkLabs

A dynamic interactive workshop for change-makers
Designed for change-makers, the SOI® SparkLab program has been developed to introduce and equip sustainability, CSR, communications, and strategy managers with the practical tools required to ignite change in their organizations.
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“There was much more than I expected. It’s the beginning of a process that prepares, inspires and equips you with what you need to get things moving.”
USA SparkLab participant

Businesses today find themselves having to compete in an increasingly demanding social context. SOI® SparkLabs have been specifically designed to introduce the potential a Single Organizing Idea (SOI®) has to put human ideals at the core of any business wishing to succeed in this fast evolving dynamic environment.

Who should be there

Anyone serious about catalysing change to future proof their enterprises and enable them to achieve sustainable success.

Why they should be there

A unique environment to participate in a world-class, leading-edge laboratory to challenge assumptions and learn what it takes to create a truly sustainable enterprise fit for the challenges of a fast changing, no-hiding-place world of ever-increasing societal expectations.

What they will gain

The confidence, knowledge and capability to carry the message and stimulate change in their organizations equipped with insights, practical tools and a support network of peers, mentors and leading experts.

What they will experience

A highly interactive, laboratory of exercises, challenges, discussions, analysis and synthesis of needs to take back into their enterprises to catalyse lasting change.

Workshop highlights:

Understanding incremental versus transformational change

  • Understanding the limits of purpose, CSR/Sustainability and brand in delivering a truly sustainable enterprise fit for the future.
  • Diagnosis by participants of the state of their own enterprises re: purpose, CSR/sustainability and brand and the identification of what’s working/not working and why.

The power and potential of an SOI®

  • Introduction to SOI® as an operational management tool for delivering commercial and social value.
  • Walk through the contents and design of a bespoke SOI® program from identification to implementation.
  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of introducing an SOI®.
  • Understanding how to overcome challenges and obstacles to change.
  • Hands on practice techniques and skills needed to use SOI® tools.


  • Providing a tool kit of resources, networks and support to catalyse and sustain SOI®.
  • Understanding the role of external experts in successfully identifying, defining and implementing an SOI®.
  • Identifying and understanding the role of ecosystem partners in successfully implementing an SOI®.
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“Fun, inspiring and really useful. I came away with lots to think about and a clear idea of the way forward.”
NZ SparkLab participant
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