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What business advisors say about SOI®
'The training was pretty comprehensive, and we covered a lot of ground but I came away inspired and confident. I can’t wait to get things going.'
Nicky Jones, NZ SOI® Advisor
'There's an immense amount of value for business Advisors that go on this SOI® journey'
Nikki Gravning, 2021 UK Accredited Advisor
'The training is practical and hands on. We went through every tool step-by-step, together. When you know that you are learning about something that actually matters it makes a huge difference to you personally.'
Lucie Bourgeois, Canadian SOI® Advisor

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If you believe you have the experience required to make a difference and share our ambition to help accelerate progress to a more sustainable future, apply now. You’ll find the application form below. We have a limited number of scholarships available and we also offer discounted rates for groups.
If you want to talk to about these options please call our team on 0203 813 4224 or email
$ USD on application
A one off payment, this fee covers the cost of your training including full access to The ARC, six hours of live online training, and two one-to-one sessions with Neil Gaught and David Bonbright.
On training completion
The monthly subscription charge is your contribution to the resources we require to ensure we can support you and continue to develop the network services that will help you succeed and your clients transition.
The ARC is our state-of-the-art online Advisor Resource Centre. It contains five learning pods that take you through each stage of the SOI® working methodology. The sixth pod contains sales, marketing and support resources that are continually updated to help ensure our Advisor’s success.


When is the next SOI Advisor Accreditation Course? Accreditation Courses are run every month of the year. As soon as you pay your fee you are given instant access to the ARC and sent joining instructions for the live online sessions.
How long is the SOI Advisor Accreditation Course? The SOI Advisor Accreditation Course takes approx 20 hours to complete. The course is split into two. Once you’ve completed the learning modules in the ARC (average time 10 hours) you will then join a cohort of fellow advisors to complete four online sessions. Each session is run weekly for 2.5 hours.

Can the course be accessed and completed remotely?
Yes. The entire course is conducted online. You can access the ARC from your preferred device and all of the live sessions take place in a Zoom room.

What does the monthly subscription fee cover? After passing the course you will receive your certificate. Your monthly subscription will give you complete and ongoing access to all the tools and templates in the ARC. In addition, at your disposal will be a suite of responsive marketing content and diagnostic tools to help you benchmark businesses and quickly identify potential projects. Case studies, SOI impact and ROI calculators are there to support you and help your clients to understand the value you bring. Plus, you will have the unique right to deploy the SOI® Assessment SystemTM, tap into our data analytics, and work with the wider SOI Advisor Community on project opportunities that result from our partnership initiatives.
Will I have to undertake refresher training to keep my SOI accreditation? No. You will only be required to undertake the Accreditation course once. However, in addition to the course and as part of your subscription, we run regular ‘surgeries’. These sessions provide you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and us to relay the latest information we have.

Will my accreditation help me to achieve the income I want?
We give you total freedom to earn what you want. You can set your own rates; work with the clients you want to, where you want to and when you want. Our approach means that every penny you earn is yours. All we ask in return for the support we

will continue to give you is that you use our tools as they were intended to be used and you share your stories with us.

How long does my subscription run for? As long as you want! There are no hidden cancellation costs or commitments. If you wish to cancel your subscription simply let us know 30 days prior to your next payment date.
Are there any additional costs or charges? No. Once you have paid for your SOI ® Advisor Accreditation Course and activated your monthly subscription, that’s it, you’re all done!

What makes the SOI Accreditation Course different?
We offer a wealth of unique assets that have been designed and developed by digital learning experts and a collaboration of partners including academics, NGOs and businesses, making it one of the best courses in the market. The idea behind the course is simple: It is to provide you, and all our advisors globally, with a ‘business in a box’ solution that will make a difference to them and the clients they serve.

Are there Advisors who have completed the course that I can talk to?
Absolutely! Our team of advisors and alumni are readily available to answer and assist with any queries you might have.

If I don’t have any project opportunities will you help me find them?
Most of our SOI Accredited Advisors are experienced consultants and are well connected to business networks. However, we all need support. So, not only will you have all the tools you need to go out and secure projects, being part of the SOI community means that you can draw on the support and connections of our global SOI community, helping you to make new connections, partnerships and collaborations. In addition, SOI receives leads directly from businesses and will pass these onto our SOI Accredited Advisors.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
Tel: +44 (0)203 813 4224

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