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SOI® for non-profits

Businesses are relative newcomers to having a core purpose for societal benefit. Nonprofits, foundations, and government – by contrast – start from public purpose. Their challenge is to stay true to that purpose in the centrifuge of today’s fast-changing world.
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"Single Organizing Idea creates unique value for both non-profit and for-profit businesses in the modern era. It empowers us to establish a reinforcing cycle between money and purpose."
Kami Dar, Co-founder Devex and CEO Uniti Networks

SOI® in action

Non-profit organizations around the world have adopted in whole, or part, the SOI® model; here are three different examples:
US| Development
Case Study
US | Accreditation
Case Study
CH | Human Rights
Case Study

SOI® and theory of change

You probably have a set of if-then statements that narrate how you make a difference in the world. With an SOI® you will also have the organizational change management tool that aligns, and maintains financial sustainability with mission impact in real time.
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“SOI® has helped create alignment of our thinking, investors, operations and expression of our purpose, whilst keeping a blended approach to fiscal performance and social impact.”
Ren Yi-Hooi, CEO Lightning Social Ventures Ltd.

Catalyse change.

A complete toolkit to help you and your partners trigger, accelerate and sustain the changes necessary to deliver positive impact today
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