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Karen Hamilton, Vice President, Sustainable Business, Unilever

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Smart businesses are turning demands for a sustainable future into value building opportunities. But achieving success requires new thinking, new tools and data driven technology.

We are the leading provider of a totally holistic solution for change makers who want to accelerate their progress and leverage sustainability as the driver of business success.

Business leaders want clarity. They want to know exactly how and what is required to embed and manage sustainable progress. A Single Organising Idea (SOI®) hard-wired into the core of your business gives you this.

Developed and refined over 15 years, our proven approach gives you the knowledge, tools, technology and diagnostics required to ensure you successfully pivot your business and avoid the risks associated with purpose washing.

Kirsty Sadler, Marketing & Sustainability, Leon
Set at the beating heart of your business, an SOI will help you 
attract, retain and unite the people in your business. It will assist 
you to identify new efficiencies, innovate, measure your progress, secure long-term investment, prosper from the loyalty of your customers, and gain the support of the communities upon which your success relies.
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What business leaders say about SOI®
‘The most transformative experience was identifying our SOI® and core values, which we have systematically woven into every aspect of our operations to ensure we are in the best place as a business to help make the world a better place.’
Michael Milligan, CEO, ABET
‘Single Organizing Idea® is a very powerful tool. It forces you to combine the business purpose and sustainability goal of your company and to take these into the heart of your business strategy.’
Gerjo Scheringa, CEO, Euro Pool Group
‘Our SOI® has proven to be a powerful and effective tool that helps us come to decisions quickly and easily time and again.’
Bill Chatwin, CEO, DataTorque
Case studies
SOI sits at the core of businesses of all types and sizes
“A simple, direct, paint-by-numbers guide to identifying, creating, implementing and measuring the impact of a core purpose for almost any organization.”
Rob Markey, Co-creator Net Promoter System.

Since 2006 almost every single business that has embarked on identifying, defining and aligning with an SOI has successfully transitioned and changed for good.

Why should I embed sustainability at the core of my business?

The answer is simple — it’s just good business sense in today’s fast changing world. Increasing political, commercial, societal, legal and environmental pressures will force every business to transition. Smart leaders understand this and are accelerating their progress to ensure their businesses don’t risk being devalued by their customers, employees or investors.

Jonathan Glennie, IPSOS Sustainable Development Research Centre

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